Johnnie Lacy: Freshman to Watch

Posted: August 25, 2009 in ESPN, Player Updates
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In ESPN’s Big East ShootAround John Stoval posted a list of the ten freshman he can’t wait to see this year.  On the list was PC 3393919newcomer Johnnie Lacy.  Stoval had this to say:

Johnnie Lacy, PG, Providence: This undersized point guard can score with the best of them. He can get the ball and run with it, which makes him a perfect fit for Providence’s system.

Lacy is in the company of some of the big time Big East recruits such as Dom Cheek from Villanova and Lance Stephenson from Cincinnati.

imagesSince PC got Lacy we have been pretty excited.  Not just because PC beat out the likes of Tennessee, Texas, Marquette, and Indiana to get him, but because he really has the potential to be a great player and fits in perfectly with Coach Keno Davis’ system.  From what we read Lacy has left room for refinement but that is the case with many incoming freshman.  What is good about him is that he has all the potential in the world and has the tools to reach it, and he has the reputation for giving a tremendous amount of intensity and effort… which clearly is a great thing.  So it was good to see that Johnnie Lacy got a little bit of press heading into the season, but we can’t wait to see what he can do once he’s out wearing a Friars jersey.  Lacy, along with guard Vincent Council, are the future of the PC front court which has to make PC fans feel good.  It will be exciting to see how their first year goes.


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