Friar Dom Makes LIFE’s Creepiest Mascot List

Posted: August 24, 2009 in Miscellaneous

LIFE Magazine recently came out with their list of the Creepiest NCAA Mascots.  At the top prov-mascot-cutoutof their list was none other than Friar Dom himself.  They had this to say about Dom:

No, sorry, we would not be reassured if we bumped into this particular friar in a dark alley. Perhaps he’s the spirit of Providence’s past glories, including runs to the Final Four in 1973 and 1987.

The Providence Friar is accompanied by the likes of the Wake Forest Demon Deacon, the Purdue Boilermaker, the Wichita State Shocker, and Big East rival… the UConn Husky.

images Well we can’t say that this really comes as a surprise.  Although the Friar Dom (and yes, here he will be referred to as Friar Dom or The Friar, never Friar Boy) has undergone some subtle changes recently, at some point I think every PC fan has at least acknowledged that the Friar is at least a little creepy.  His droopy eyelids and odd smile are slightly disturbing; however, in looking back though the Friars of the past he has clearly come a long way.  Maybe if they added on the black Dominican cape it would draw some attention away from his face.  But we encourage you to take a look at the list and decide for yourself where the Friar stacks up on the all time creepy list.  Creepy or not though, we love Friar Dom just the same.  Plus not many other mascots can do this…


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